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Getaway with God

March 2022


In today’s culture truth is relative. Everywhere we look, from Hollywood, to college campuses and even our military organizations, the Christian worldview is rapidly being replaced by secular ideologies. “Being the god of our own lives”, revering the “Universe” as our creator instead of God, and using “Relative Truth” to govern our lives are some popular ideologies that almost every young person in America will be taught by the time they are 25.   


This is why our ministry here at Davis Monthan Airforce Base is so vitally important and worthwhile! I feel so blessed to be able to share the good news of Christ with airmen, and to help new believers grow in their faith. 


This past month I had the privilege to help lead a “Getaway with God” retreat for the airmen on base. There were 10 young airmen who attended, and we were able to teach them the importance of having a daily devotional time. We showed them how to read, interpret and apply the Bible to their lives, so that their devotional time can not only draw them closer to God but help them in their daily decisions, and guide them in their life choices. It was a blessing to see God show up and work in these young folks' hearts at our “getaway” retreat.


I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers and support! Please pray for these airmen who came to the retreat to put into practice what they have learned and to continue to grow and become disciple makers for Christ!



Bob Gibson

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A Spring of New Beginnings

May 2021                                               

             Spring is such an exciting time of year, with new buds emerging on the trees, fresh green grass covering the ground like velvet, and baby birds hatching out of their eggs. After a long, cold winter of things sitting dormant in the ground, new life begins to sprout all around us. I must admit that Spring in Arizona isn’t quite as noticeable as in other parts of the country, but for our ministry here at Pathway Discipleship we are truly experiencing a “Spring of New Beginnings!”

           Our new partnership with WAY Family Church is one of these exciting new beginnings. Starting this month, the church will be blessing the Airmen on Base by serving them a meal every Sunday night. They will also help host events on the base which will allow Airmen to connect with their community, find a sense of belonging, and most importantly, be introduced to the saving knowledge of Christ. I’m excited to introduce these new volunteers to the Airmen and to one-on-one discipleship.

          Just like a long, hard season of winter, this past year has been a long hard season of Covid. But praise the Lord, our Youth Ministry on the base is finally starting to meet in person again after months of Zoom meetings. We are so thankful to be ministering in person to about 12-15 teens every Wednesday evening. Our first activity of bowling is coming up and the youth are so excited to be doing something together. 

          God has continued to bless our family as well! Sarah will be graduating from high school this May and is looking forward to some down time before heading to the University of Arizona in the fall. Ben is finishing up his Freshman year of high school and plans to work at a camp outside of Tucson this Summer. He loves going to Youth Group and hanging out with his friends. Little Katie is now 3 1/2 years old and has been doing preschool a few days each week. She still keeps us on our toes but is continuing to learn and grow every day and we thank the Lord for blessing us with her. Leanne is starting back at Grand Canyon University and hopes to complete her bachelor's degree in history in the next year.

         The last addition to our family is YOU! As partners in ministry we look on you all as family and know that we couldn’t be doing what we are doing without your prayers and support! Thank you and God bless you this Spring as you embark on any New Beginnings God may have for you.


                                                                                                                     Bob Gibson

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